Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Rock Nature Walk


Some times in Nature it is not necessary to walk a long way to see the wonders of life on the earth. These few pictures were taken at Point Judith in Rhode Island at Scarborough State Beach.

This large rock is a complexity of life forms layered according to the laws of nature. Layered at the bottom are the red seaweeds, then there are the green unicellular algae attached to the rock, at one side we see the cell cellophane, a larger seaweed, and then at the top there are the brown Rockweeds. The surface of the rock is covered with barnacles of all different shapes and sizes and growing between the barnacles we find blue mussels.

If we take small cup and brush the seaweeds we get a large number of isopods and amphipods plus many other small crustaceans that we cannot see with the naked eye. The blue mussels are found in different sizes according to their best location within the rock.

I spend at least 1 hour with my grandson investigating this rock. We took pictures, and caught small little crustaceans that were swiming around. You do not need a boat, or specialized equipment to admire things in nature. We just used some cups and our observation skills. Try it this summer…

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