Friday, July 5, 2013

Spending one Afternoon with the Hummingbirds

Everyone knows how difficult is to photograph a humming bird. They are fast and very unpredictable. So I went the Audubon Center is South Britain, CT, a great location. Inside their balcony on their barn they have several Hummingbird feeders. I setup my camera on a tripod facing the feeders and waited for them to come to me. There was some activity, not much, and many of my shots were throwaways but I got some results. I started by setting my shutter two steps down to make up for the light and used 400 ISO to increase the speed. That did not make much of a difference as these birds are super-fast.

Here is Connecticut we have the Rudy-throated Hummingbird. It migrates to Mexico and south of the border every winter but what is most amazing is that they migrate back at night and cross the Gulf in one flight thanks to an increase of fat and weight that happens just 10 days before migration.

Thanks to digital photography, it makes no difference how many pictures you take. Delete is always available and it does not coast a dime. So take one afternoon and visit a predictable location and start taking pictures.

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