Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vernal Pool Project 2010

Two vernal pools in Connecticut were study during the month of April for macroinvertebrate populations. The first pools was located at Flanders Nature Center in Woodbury and the second pool was located at Web Mountain in Monroe.
All the macroinveterbates were collected using a dip net, preserved in alcohol and identified later to the farther possible taxa. Both pools were populated by spring pipers and wood frogs.

Pool locations
Pool at Flanders is a latitude of 41.60010 decimal degrees and a longitude of - 73. 20289 decimal degrees. The pool at Web mountain is located at a latitude of 41.36488 decimal degrees and a longitude of - 73. 17296 decimal degrees. This pool was 3 times larger that the pool at Flanders.



Number Group Taxa
39 Crustacea Caedidotea Communis
17 Gastropoda Physa heterostropha
2 Insecta Chaulionidae spp. (Megaloptera)
2 Insecta Leptophobia spp. (Ephemeroptera)
6 Insecta Cromagrion spp. (Odonata)
1 Insecta Limnephilidae (Platycentropus ?) (Tricoptera)
4 Gastropoda Veneroida spp.
1 Insecta Pyralidae (Lepidoptera)

Web Mountain

31 Crustacea Caecidotea Communis (Isopods)
1 Gastropoda Fingernail Clam (sphaerium spp.)
1 Insecta Megaloptera (Corydalus spp.)
21 Insect Beetles (Coleoptera) Prionocyphon spp.
8 Insecta Midges (Chironomidae)
2 Insecta Phanton midges (Chaoboridae)
1 Insecta Adult Cadisfly (Trichoptera)
7 Insecta Primitive minnow mayflies (siphlonuridae)
1 Arachnida Spider
1 Insecta Dult beetle (Coleoptera)
1 Insecta Damselfly (Coenagrionidae)
1 Insecta Coleoptera (Elmidae)

In both pools the community was composed mainly of crustaceans, gastropods and insects. Isopod crustaceans were intensely abundant, Fingernail Clams appeared in both pools. There was a broader variety of insect orders between both pools. The size of the pool may have been the limiting factor for the insect population at Flanders. Diptera was much more abundant in the larger pool.

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